You see y’all; it is just THIS deep…

People, places and things may come and go,

But I shall not, I cannot breathe


The first, born of the latter.


There is nothing quite like it, ya know…

It soothes my weary mind,

Mends my shattered heart and beaten soul,

It has saved my life…and is….


Nothing can really match its scope:

When all forms of evil surround me to attack,

These scales, chords and melodies

Empower and give hope to this shell of a man.


It opens the floodgates behind my eyes,

Expands my head and chest cavities, resonating tones

From my throat to soar high above orchestras,

As if they had wings…. HA! …Because they do!


It is a protective band of angels,

Hovering, keeping watch over me….

It hastens me to your throne and makes me sing,

‘It is well with my soul’…Because it is!


Music, continue to be my instrument of praise,

Savior, continue to soothe the savage beast,

Continue to calm the raging sea,

Master, continue to let everything you touch:

Be a song.





 Used by permission

© Copyright 2001 Johnny H. Butler III